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Epix Haven – Miniature Terrain Created by Gamers for Gamers

– Prepainted resin miniature terrain, ready to use out of the box

for RPGs and Miniature Games

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The Epix Haven Miniature Terrain

Setting up the terrain should not steal valuable gaming time. If you're an RPG gamer, you probably have been looking for good and solid miniature terrain for your RPG sessions, miniature terrain that you can easily set up on the table without ruining the game’s mood. The miniature terrain from Epix Haven is designed to simplify the job of the Game Master. It is aesthetic, time saving, versatile and high quality at the same time, perfectly designed for your RPG sessions.

Each floor in all of our models is made for playing. They are made for the 25-28 mm range, grids allowing the full use of any gaming system out there. Counting the playable surfaces on all levels, a single model from Epix Haven gives you a lot of playable areas, options and gaming fun at the table. In our first range of these custom made models, we have focused on what we have missed the most; large buildings and houses. Who haven’t fought a brawl in a tavern, fought their way through or defending a city gate, run along city walls, fought their way up a tower, or maybe climbed on the outside?


Epix Haven City Walls:

Epix Haven Corner Tower:

Epix Haven Corner Tower (Youtube Video, Italian):