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XP Codes

We are sorry to inform that we had to take down our XP/Rank-system. We have invested a lot of time and money to make this work, but technical issues prevent us making this as good and rewarding as it was meant.

Many of you have responded that some of your codes are incorrect or already used. We have checked and double-checked with the packaging firm inserting the codes into the boxes, and it seems that all codes inserted really are unique and none should experience such errors (although we cannot rule out that it may have happened in rare instances).

But as we generate new codes to people experiencing errors, they still have problems with their new codes. This leads to the suspicion that it is some hinder/block related to machine type, browser, IP-address or whatever. We cannot rule out the possibility that some have problems seeing the difference between O and 0 and I and l, but as we consider gamers to be among the brightest, this should not be an issue (and not happen as often in any case).

We invested a lot of money developing the XP-system and have spent more money investigating the issue, but we have concluded that it cannot last; we have to take it down, and as such; also the Rank system.

As our XP/Rank forum is an essential part of our website, also closely related to our forum, we have concluded to take down our forum in understanding that Facebook and Instagram cover our needs.