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Epix Haven



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How many times haven't players shouted "Hold the gate!"? Well, this does the job! 29 cm high (excl. flagpole), four playable levels, rich in details with corridors, grates and holes to pour smoking tar from! May very well be used stand alone, but specially designed to work with our Wall and Gate to make our complete Castle Set!

Made for the 25/28 mm range of miniatures. 

Playable Tiles: This gigantic construction has four surfaces with a total of 124 tiles!

Pre-painted: YES (The images show painted prototypes, changes/differences may occur on finished product)

Size: 20 x 26 x 29 cm
Playable surfaces: 4
Number of parts: 20

Exclusive, individually crafted storage cases for safe keeping and transportation – free with all orders!


«You there; to the gates!» The three soldiers obeyed at an instant with an equal amount of respect for authority and fear of what could crash through the door if it didn’t hold. They didn’t have to fear long; five seconds later, and the door collapsed on top of them, killing them in an instant. The two ogres sprang into the room, facing the lone captain on the other side. Although a seasoned warrior, he had never felt death as certain as now. He strengthened his grip around the sword, and…

“Excuse us, but are we interrupting something?” The jovial face of the bard Timberlin peered out from the door leading to the west wall. Although his accent wasn’t perfect, it was good enough for the ogres to understand. “Us…?” one of them replied, obvious the leader. “You are one, puny human. Not us. We are us. We are two”. “I am sorry to correct you”, Timberlin continued,” but you are one”. “One?” The ogre seemed puzzled. That thought died with him, as the assassin Aramil landed a critical strike from behind its back.

“By Tempus; I thought my life was at an end!” the captain cheered as the two heroes entered the room. “Save your prayers!” Timberlin replied, just in time to throw the ogre of balance with a quickened spell, charging towards the captain. “Oh, saved again, and…” The captain wasn’t able to complete the sentence, as he at that precise moment was turned to stone. “What the..?” Aramil began, but quickly understood as he glimpsed the head of a gnoll shaman peering from the stairs above. “Timberlin; take care of the ogre. I’ll deal with the gnolls above” Aramil whispered, rapidly sneaking up the stairs. “That leaves you to me, my friend” Timberlin said to the ogre as he drew his rapier, “although a short friendship it will be”. “No” the ogre smiled back; “I am us again”. Timberlin followed its gaze to the right. From the door at the east wall, two new ogres entered the room. “Now would be a good time for those prayers” Timberlin thought.

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