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Tudor House


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When you need a tavern, city house, alchemist's lab, or even a store; the Tudor House meets all your needs. In two playable floors! Rails, stairs, windows, chimney; this is as close to the real thing there is; only smaller and ideal for your gaming table! 

Made for the 25/28 mm range of miniatures.

Playable Tiles: Two playable surfaces with a total of 61 playable tiles!

Pre-painted: YES (The images show painted prototypes, changes/differences may occur on finished product)

Size: 24 x 25 x 25 cm
Playable surfaces: 2
Number of parts: 5

Exclusive, individually crafted storage cases for safe keeping and transportation – free with all orders!


Imagine your heroes searching for a known criminal. Having found his house, he refuses to open the door. Breaking through, the heroes are surprised as two of his henchmen ambush them. After a hard fight, the heroes aim for the next floor, too hasty to discover the trap in the stairs. Wounded, but determined, they finally find the villain upstairs. After a short fight, he suddenly jumps through the window, landing catlike on the ground below. What do the heroes do now? Do they feel acrobatic enough to copy the endeavor? Do they have the time to run after him downstairs? And why did they not post a guard on the outside to prevent this from happening?
The heroes must decide, and the Tudor House make their story come alive.

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